Dreamhost starting to grate

I've been a Dreamhost customer since July 2005 and I've been a happy camper for the most part.

However I don't know if it's because I'm more reliant on them, or because they are beginning to suck, though there has been a few unresolved issues with their services that pissing me off, hence the rant. :/

DNS control fail

Bitfolk renumbered my VPS IP and I had to update the IP on a number of domains, managed by Dreamhost.

Dreamhost's panel is has always been slow and when you need update umpteen domains it's unworkable. There is no bulk edit or search & replace. Result? Down time on several sites, as I slowly worked out which sites were wrong.

Perhaps there is a trick to get the whole zone file, so I can better manage my handful of domains but I don't know it.

Site statistics

My username kaihendry has different passwords on different domains. There is no way to reset them all. This totally sucks.

No 1-click unsubscribe on Dreamhost Announcement Mailing List

I run an announce list from Dreamhost since 2007 with a couple of hundred users. The publishing UI sucks and worst of all, the is no 1-click unsubscribe which is almost "de rigueur" in this marketing medium.

Right now unsubscribe bizarrely works by asking subscribers to go back to Website where they subscribed from. This is too taxing for folks. Hence I end up fielding from time to time, depressing "how do I get off this list?" type emails.

After a long painful trawl through duplicate suggestions and a long support back & forth with Brian, Tyler and Heckman to end with:

> Be good if there was an open bug to point to here. Otherwise I feel it
> will just get buried.

I will try to get that task associated with your account once I'm able to
locate it. Keep in mind, however, that what my colleague said was not
simply a dismissal. Still, even though I believe he was being completely
honest, I'm going to still make sure you get that reassurance, since it
may seem the higher priority issues are pushing this one down in the pile
(which is, frankly, not small)

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