2012 Technology predictions

I found http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16288247 quite interesting. Firstly I wish I could annotate the page and embed in the blog instead of commenting of items out of context.

Haven't played with "Enterprise social networking tools" such as Chatter, Salesforce, Yammer or Jive. I like to think a company's heartbeat is Bugzilla or Pivotal tracker. I'm guessing these are dumbed down or perhaps better focused on sales (the bottom line). Combat my ignorance, someone please.

"Another thing to watch for is that Google may lose control of Android." is a comment I guess because Amazon has usurped the tablet side of things for pushing its kindle Fire et al. Firstly I think the Honeycomb release bombed (funnily it's not used on the "Fire" AFAICT) and I don't think Googlers are interested in the tablet form factor anymore. They would rather concentrate on mobile devices. Also I think the Android based Kindles suck compared to Amazon's own un-named OS.

Didn't realise RIM were in such a bad state. 7.44BN market cap isn't great for this cruel industry. I don't see what RIM can offer. It's too entrenched in their retarded enterprise model.

NFC is something I've thought a lot about and I'm still a bit dubious. Is "wireless payments" the one killer app? Sounds lame to me. I think a VISA chip&pin card is far more versatile.

"big data" sounds like a new word to describe an old problem like "data mining". Bollocks.

Ipad/Apple/Iphone ... what will that do next... I find this technology deferment to Apple fucking irritating to say the least. Sad thing is Apple's competitors are completely retarded, so... I guess I will have to defer to Apple too.

3D printing has a nice mention. Check out http://www.tinkercad.com/ if you haven't already.

I do find Zynga quite interesting. Especially since its titles like "Word for friends" suck compared to Wordfued. I guess Zynga has the platform which has value... even though it's a sharecropper to Facebook... Right? The quote "Zynga has probably 50-60% of the social gaming market. The biggest company in mobile gaming has a 1.5% share." sounds like bullshit. 1.5% of what platform exactly?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is something I've always done. There is a term for it? I feel sorry for people working under oppressive IT regimes. Get a job that doesn't suck.

I really don't believe in the Enterprise "secure the network" intranet bullshit.

"internet of things" from Gartner sounds like an old idea, regurgitated for today. What do you expect from analysts?

My predictions

Ok after taking the piss from the "experts", what do I have to bring to the table?

I would like to predict a year where Internet users start to shun services like Facebook & twitter and even Gmail. I.e. folks start running their own distributed (de-centralised) standardised services. Unfortunately I think we are still a few years off that, so I predict things will just get worse. FB, twitter & incumbents like Google will just get more and more annoying.


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