Cornwall DIY questions

Device needed to measure the power draw of a connected device

Information of double glazing and window technology. The gas in Praze Farm's window has evidently expired (they are at least 10 years old) and I'm wondering what are the next steps to insulate the house. I do have concerns over double glazing, since in Finland they simply use double windows and that seems much cheaper, simpler and it seems to work very well.

I would like to draw the floor plan of this house and map in 3D how things are cabled. Isn't it weird how there is all these great FPS, but no decent software to re-create your house and wiring? I think there is a business opportunity here ... Update: Discovered Google SketchUp

Thermostat advice and Rayburn advice. Heating at Praze Farm is annoyingly haphazard and manual, resulting in silly arguments about how warm or cold it is. In a building, surely it isn't that hard to take a measurements of temperature in each room and adjust the heating accordingly?

Electronic door lock wanted for the back door, that will be exposed to the elements.

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