Quality sunnies

New Sunglasses & a tall boy in Mission Dolores Park

My consumer mission of late was to get a pair of quality sunglasses or "sunnies" as we like to call them. Luckily enough an Italian friend from Pescara, I met via Erasmus in Helsinki, recommended Maui Jim glasses.

Why? She says they use the best Polaroid technology and lenses that her employer's http://www.barberini.eu manufacture. The best sun glasses are made of glass. She adds:

Concerning the main brand, I'll suggest you Maui Jim's sunglasses as they
are made with the best glass lenses. They have a special patent. They are not
very commercial and popular expecially in Europe, but they are the best. Try
them and you will see the difference.  You can also have a look if you like
Revo or Rayban and maybe Persol. You always have to ask for polarized lenses.
If you prefer plycarbonate lenses, you can ask for the trendy and fashion

Whilst I was on a business trip in San Francisco I went to a premier dealer and found such a pair. If you compare them to plastic glasses, the difference is amazing. I bought curved glasses as I do a lot of riding and didn't want my eyes to tear. However I am a little worried about falling off my bike and cracking my glasses now. I was also advised to be very careful if I get salt water on them. Worst you can do is wipe them clean with salt on the lens, as it will scratch them.

So they need a bit of extra care, though I'm really enjoying the quality vision in sunlight.

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