Debian powered Web applications

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Francois Freeing the Cloud talk at Debconf10, showed members of the Debian community keen to help see opensource Web applications.

The proposed open&free implementation of Gravatar is a great example, whereby a user uploads an image of him/herself which corresponds to a hash of their email address. In order to make this Web "cloud" service rock, super quick downloads of that image are needed.

Debian knows about mirroring data to distribute data amongst free software agents. And we also now know about CDN, aka content delivery networks and GEO DNS, which point to your local mirror.

So lets pool our resources and offer CDN Web space (100MB?) to free software Web application projects. This will make the opensource Web services competitive in all important page load times and perhaps make it easier for user contributed data to be exported and "open".

I have Debian server space in Germany I'm happy to contribute to Francois's avatar project and other similar opensource Web apps. If you think this is a good idea, please get in touch.

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