UK allergy test

I thought I'd look into getting some allergy tests done, since I think I might have a wheat allergy... cue another rant about UK healthcare.

My NHS doctor (all GPs are NHS typically) says the NHS does not offer allergy tests anymore and I would have to go with say a private service provided by the Guildford Clinic.

Fine, lets call up AXA PPP healthcare and take advantage of their "Platinum" business cover.

After being put through the right person, the procedure for me to proceed is as follows:

  1. Make another appointment with my GP
  2. Pay 15GBP for him to write a referral letter to the relevant body at the Guildford clinic
  3. Then call up AXA PPP healthcare again to get authorisation (note that insurers might reject the doctor's referrel choice, then you go back to step 1)
  4. If authorised I would have to pay the 100GBP excess again, because although I last paid a 100GBP excess in December 2009, the "excess year" runs only until the beginning of March.
  5. Then I make an appointment with the doctor at the allergy clinic
  6. Then I need to get the time off work (1hr)
  7. Then I must pay cash, 160GBP for the tests
  8. Then I need to claim back for the cash from AXA PPP health care

So as you can see I will out of pocket of about 275GBP until my claim is successfully processed, at which time I'll get 160GBP from my private healthcare cover for this procedure.

I estimate the time I need to take off work to see the doctors and to follow up on all these tasks about a day of my life. I think I could swallow the exorbitant cost if it wasn't for the inconvenience caused.

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