Swiss time keeping

Boarding at Basel train station

Swiss time keeping is a little disappointing. I have issues with their trains and their luxury watch brands.

Firstly the Swiss train clock hand doesn't sweep (like a Rolex), how you would expect them to function. When the round pointed red second hand passes the zero mark, it sort of halts and then continues. It could be more accurate.

I also noticed a broken clock in Zurich HBF. As a nation I would be concerned.

Next the trains unlike the UK do not leave on time. In the UK train doors typically lock 30 seconds before departure. This ensures the train departs on time.

In Switzerland the trains observed from my radio synced watch depart typically 30 seconds late, however I have not checked trains arrive on time, which can be argued as being more important.

Switzerland's famed luxury watches AFAIK pride themselves on traditional workmanship. Workmanship that does not include any radio sync functionality, so the watch has a small chance to be accurately set to the second.

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