BBC News complaints

West End Final

Since BBC News doesn't have a mechanism to openly complain about the crappy stories of late, I am going to rant here. Tbh I love BBC News, that this week has been painful.

What a non-story. Honestly wtf. This really pissed my off as my father called me, worried about security of the browser he uses. My German friends didn't even hear about this. Why did the British media pick up on this ffs?

Gamed by an insurance company. Companies are desperate to get on the most popular Website (BBC News!) in Europe. It's online advertising that money can't buy. Every now and then BBC drop a company's name like this and I find it appalling. The aka "Tax on stupidity" also seems to get an obscene amount of free advertising from the BBC. :(

Blatant bias against the exploited victims involved!

Sam says it best ... the same thing happens in the US (they arrest the illegal immigrant workers, instead of fining or suing the company who hires the workers). As I (Sam) see it, they arrest the workers because that makes the bigots happy, and keeps other illegals in line (poor pay and working conditions) without any rights.

Thankfully BBC News didn't pander too much about Mephedrone.


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