Glasses Direct suck

Scratched glasses

After travelling around the world I was relieved when Glasses Direct seemed to advertise reasonably priced glasses in the UK in 2007.

Glasses in India and Japan are very inexpensive. Why should I pay more than fifty pound for a piece of cheap plastic?

So I bought two frames from in the beginning:

Both lenses matched my prescription with "Scratch-Resistant Coating" and I was happy.

After losing my favoured orange pair of Mojito whilst swimming in the sea, I thought I would gingerly order another pair late in 2009.

Urm, I'm paying 14GBP more for my Mojitos! That's an inflation busting 70% price increase!

Now with the January 2010 Glasses Direct catalogue in hand, the Mojito's now cost 59GBP without the "Scratch-Resistant Coating". An insane 220% price increase from the original 20GBP I paid about two years ago.

Oh wait, there is a FREE second pair with frames at 59GBP or over. :(

Urgh, fuck no please Prescription Eyewear Limited. Do not treat me like an idiot consumer.

I like many just want a pair of cheap prescription glasses. Why do you Glasses Direct have to banally match your high street competitors like and business models?

Isn't being online and direct supposed to make you different? Apparently not.

Update: Glasses direct do offer very cheap glasses from 19GBP. And their customer service, with twitter is excellent.

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