Toyota Complaint

Unlike any other franchise I know of, I am a concerned the way Toyota allows their centres to operate with impunity.

Toyota's customer charter suggests an insane 12 step arbitration process in case of complaint in a PDF.

At first Toyota asks to begin the complaint process at the dealership in question and then they asks to complain to the relevant trade association!? Toyota UK does not seem to have a central customer service department like other franchises to address complaints to!

I'm reluctant to complain on behalf of my neighbour to Parklands Toyota, because Parklands Toyota in Truro we believe to be at fault.

My neighbour has a three year old Toyota RAV4 with 20k miles on the clock. The third service out of warranty tackles an internal fault (which my neighbour knew about shortly before the service) that the vehicle had trouble doing high acceleration. Of the total service charge 613GBP, a new "governor kit" of 205GBP was told to fix the problem.

When picking it up, the mechanic claimed it is better than it was. That's untrue, at best it's just the same. The mechanic then said the turbo is probably at fault and he quoted ~900GBP for a new turbo. ~350GBP for a refurbished one.

When returning to complain a different mechanic said it's actually the turbo and "governor kit" at fault. The next mechanic then verbally quoted ~750GBP for the refurbished turbo! We are very confused about the two different quotes.

Why should a "turbo" go wrong at 20k?! My neighbour is a pensioner and really cannot afford ~1000GBP on erroneous charges, hence I would like to complain directly to Toyota HQ on his behalf.

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