NHS and private hell

In my ideal world, if you were suffering from acute issues with say your ear which was affecting your work with hearing loss and sleep deprivation due to tinnitus, you would:

Instead I endured an NHS and private medical insurance bureaucracy hell for over three months, whilst losing many hours of work and sleep. :(

Insurers could have charged the 100GBP excess and decided not to cover this unauthorised private medical treatment! So I was lucky this fiasco did not cost more like 300GBP.

I am bitterly disappointed that I have spent more than THREE MONTHS trying to sort out the problem with my ear. Yes, you can call me an idiot for sticking an ear bud in my ear, which I really do not remember doing.

I spent many hours on the phone trying to arrange appointments. Calling people about ailments whilst in a small office with your colleagues is very embarrassing. Spent many hours arriving to work late or leaving work early to see my GP near my home. For some bizarre reason I was unable to join a NHS surgery close to my workplace.

My local NHS surgery should have done better. Currently you can only get an appointment on short notice by calling at 8:30 and hoping you get through. The surgery's opening hours are exactly the same as my working hours.

As for private insurance in the UK. Well I wish I was not forced to use the NHS GPs as the "front line". I wish I could conduct affairs via email, instead of finding a convenient private place to call about this matter. I wish the insurers shit Website had the claim form online that I could freely access instead of this stupid "secure email". In fact why couldn't the private medical insurance liaise directly with my doctor? Why do I have to run around printing and sending forms? Even with "Platinum insurance cover", I had to do such much to arrange everything and a 100GBP excess fee on top of that. What piss poor service from AXA insurance.

In the end I am super grateful this ordeal is over and I can hear out my right ear again! Though I can't help think that if I was less motivated somehow, I could have carried this stupid problem for much longer than three months. :(

Update: I've received an invoice from AXA. The private treatment cost exactly 278GBP. 160GBP for the consultation, 80GBP for hearing tests, 38GBP for Hospital pathology. Interesting I'm asked by the insurers AXA to pay the specialist 100GBP by cheque. I do not have a cheque book! I prefer if AXA contacted me via email and asks to pay via bank transfer. They could run their business much better.

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