Pig terrorism

My pet pig grazing

This is a letter I wrote to my MP via the wonderful http://www.writetothem.com/ service. I have gratefully since received a reply from my MP, in which he said he would take this particular issue up with the relevant Government Minister.

Dear Humfrey Malins,

I hope you can register my displeasure of being accosted for taking a
picture at a British airport.

Last Sunday night I arrived late in London Gatwick Airport. I had been
travelling all day from Czech via Berlin with an ornamental pig as a
souvenir of my time there.

I thought it was a "kodak" moment when I saw my kitsch pig appear on
the baggage carrier to warrant a photograph.

After taking the picture, my grin was soon replaced with horror as a
security officer came rushing towards me.

He proceeded to threaten me with confiscation of my camera and all my
holiday pictures and to fine me 1200GBP, due to some "terrorist"

I'm sorry to say the argument that a terrorist can plan an attack in a
securely sectioned part of an airport such as the baggage collection
area is just ridiculous. More to the point, why as a British citizen
do I need to be terrorised by own government?

After apologising again and again, I was released after deleting the
picture of my triumphant porcelain pig. Still I am left scared by this
embarrassing ordeal. I did not take this man's name down or care to
discover his employer. All I ask of you is to argue for some lost
sensibilities when it comes to taking public photographs.

Yours sincerely,

Kai Hendry

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