Scanning family paper photographs

Fujitsu Fi-6230

I want to scan all my family's paper photographs, so that our memories can be saved digitally for my family heritage.

It's 2009 and I don't think people understand that if well kept, digital history can survive perfectly intact for thousands of years! We are on the cusp of a new age of detailed digitally stored history.

My local photography shop in Woking, which are usually rather good, charge 10GBP to scan 25 pictures to a CD.

After some investigation of scanners, the Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M caught my eye.

After contacting Fujitsu UK, the Fujitsu FI-6230 scanner seems like the right kit to scan all my family photographs over Christmas. Unfortunately the device does not scan conveniently to SD media without a computer and seems to require a computer running Windows software. :( Also the device is not available for rent, so the only option seems to purchase the device. has quoted me 845.25GBP for the device.

For a week's use, this seems quite expensive. I am not sure about the reselling market, so you think I could sell this nearly device as take a 10% hit?

Does anyone else out there have the same scanning of old paper photos problem and is willing to purchase it from me afterwards?

I am thinking if my father is keen, he could probably start a company scanning in paper photographs for other people. I have not been able to find any suitable service in the UK. Have you?

Ideally I could just send in the shoe boxes of pictures in stages and the scanning service uploads "post-processed" images straight to my static Web host via rsync.

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