G-shock 510 replacement strap sought

Grilled shell fish glove

After spending a night in jail in Saint Petersburg after accidentally urinating on the Bronze Horseman I learnt one thing very well.

To get out of jail with no money you can't barter with your shoes, or socks, trousers, belt or shirt. You need a flashy watch. Thankfully I managed to upsell my Swatch watch as a bribe to get out of jail. Ever since then I've worn a flashier Casio G-shock G-510, safe in the knowledge that if I ever went to jail again, I'd have an easier time convincing my captors that this watch is a worthy bribe.


However after replacing a broken strap in São Paulo, later in my travels, it broke again recently a few years later in the UK.

I sent the watch for repair to Casio UK and they said they checked their parts database which includes Germany and Tokyo, and couldn't find a replacement part!!

So if you have a new original G-510 replacement strap, please let me know! It might be not be as flashy as it was once, though this G-shock has become a vintage keepsake to me and I don't want to exchange it really.

Otherwise, Casio have offered me a discount in exchange on a new watch. I could shoot for a classic looking G-shock, though I should follow my own advice and keep flashy, to keep up with intrepid travel...

Now I wear two watches

UPDATE: I have had the strap replaced of my legendary G-shock 510. Thanks to Keith Rose at http://www.tiktox.com/ ! Though tbh I am quite enjoying my new G-shock watch. I'm finally effortlessly in sync with NTP on my computer. :-)


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