Summer sickness

Last couple of weeks I've been trying to enjoy summer.

I somehow screwed up my Brittany Ferries cabin booking to St-Malo last bank holiday weekend. Hence I had to "sleep" on deck like a peasant. Next day I fealt like a zombie and my allergies didn't help.

Since back in England I've somehow contracted a cold, which manifested into an infected chest. Nonetheless I booked in advance to go to Belgium on the Eurostar and I kept to the plan.

In Belgium I was feeling a little fragile, but I put down to my allergies. Back to work on Monday and I enjoyed a gorgeous ride on my Helkama from Woking to Guildford. Then come lunch time I had stomach ache (perhaps because I skipped breakfast) and cold sweats.

Left early on Monday to some serious sleeping at home. The doctor seems to think I have some sort of virus.

I hope it bloody goes away soon. I feel alright for an hour, then I get nauseas and I feel like I need rest again.

Feel frustrated about how little I'm getting done. This sad little blog post seems like the best I can muster today on my birthday. :)

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