Britain's bad example for civil liberties

Freedom is not Free

Yesterday Jamie and I visited the “Taking Liberties” exhibit at the British Library.

This got me thinking. It’s an absolute myth to believe that Britain is a bastion of the free world. Britain is currently setting a terrible example for civil liberties to the rest of the world, by pioneering in mechanisms to limit your freedom:

  1. Britain being a surveillance society
  2. Britain censors the Internet
  3. Britons have no right to bear arms despite the pioneering work of the English Bill of Rights
  4. Despite opposition the British government is enthusiastic about delivering the database state too
  5. UK government wants ISPs to keep emails on record for a year
  6. UK libel law used to quash free speech

Most British people I speak to about this are absolutely complacent about the status quo. Britons you are setting a dangerous precedent!

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