Pantone sucks


Couldn’t help but notice the London design fan boys & girls with Pantone. Must be the excellent universal system for addressing colours I thought.

So I was reading the “brand identity” guide of my employers Aplix Japan and we use Pantone 293 for our logo. Cool, I thought. I’ll go to the Pantone Website and look up the corresponding Web colour.

Then the farce begins with a barely usable dialog asking me whether the colour standard is European or North American.

Umm… Japanese?

Product type? Erm… Web? Enter colour, ok 293 and submit… Hmm is it colour 293 C or 293 H C or 293 M or 293 PC or 293 U or WHAT THE FUCK? Please explain how this works!

Ok… start again. Google for “pantone to web color” and Pantone ColorWeb presents itself as 30USD service to seemingly get what I need.

I’m sorry this is just ridiculous. There must be a better way that this patented bullshit.

One day I’ll meet a designer with some sense who doesn’t buy into this proprietary Adobe & Pantone world. I hope. :)

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