Updating the Nokia E65

Nokia update tool

My Nokia E65 is at the end of its 18 month contract, so I unlocked my mobile from HTG Three for 15GBP.

Since unlocking I thought I should boot Win32 in VMware and give firmware upgrading the E65 another try…

I found this firmware update page a good start. I downloaded the Nokia updater and then found that I was up-to-date on the 1.x firmware. Ummm, no there is 3.x firmware available. What I needed to do now was change the product code to 0536850 from the Three specific product code 0545395.

This free Nemesis tool download allowed me to overwrite the product code. Though it was a dodgy process. The cable seems a little flaky and the phone kept on asking about a “PC Suite connection”.

However this time I was prompted to install the 3.x firmware! Oh yes. First I backed up my contacts with Zyb and then away I went. I almost had a nervous breakdown when the phone lost connection and on a restart the flash looked bricked. It was extremely ‘touch and go’ and then again by some miracle a PC Suite dialog re-appeared and the update completed. Hallelujah.

Upgrade success!

So the phone is now a clean slate. I synchronized with Zyb again (by logging in and getting them to send me an SMS with my settings) to get all my contacts back. I lost some poor quality pictures, oh well. I fiddled around getting the soft keys setup how I like them (New msg. & Web) and installed Google maps. Now I’m all set.

Only took a couple of hours of trauma. Not convinced yet if the phone software is really any better. The S60 browser looks the same. Nokia drops in some very sad “nokiaforbusiness” dotMobi site. No clue.

So now I plan to go PAYGPAYT with Vodafone until T-mobile fumbles out the release of the Gphone. Since I can’t write native applications in Android I might not rush to buy it. Hixie survives with just his Ipod touch. I should be able to do the same with mine and the E65, though 3G data is still unaffordable unless on some monthly subscription plan in the UK. Sigh… Update: Just discovered my Nokia E65 is not a HSPDA device… doh…

I wish I could buy mobile devices outright at a reasonable price and get 3G data on pre-paid at a reasonable price too. I’m really tired of long ‘strings attached’ contracts & software environments… want to be free to innovate.

Let’s be honest. The lowest common denominator mobile text platform between my friends and I is still SMS. And it’s likely to stay that way considering SMS is how operators love to make money and the expense of smartphone devices.

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