Student discount disparity

Bjorn, Felix and Kai

A couple of German friends visited me in the UK last week who are students.

Most museums in London are free for both adults and students. Great. Though why not charge working adults and not students, like the Hermitage does?

Outside London, things get weird.

Many churches such as Salisbury and Bath Abbey ask for a “donation”. That’s a good model for me, as I have no scruples about that sort of thing.

Attractions like the Baths charge an outrageous 12 GBP for Adults and 10GBP for students. WTF? The Bath Baths you can actually bathe in, also has a ridiculous student pricing model. 22GBP full price and 18GBP for students.

Since when do students typically earn 20% less than full time workers?

Keep you eyes peeled for this disparity and report here if you can. I think I might write a letter to my MP about this. He hasn’t heard from me in awhile.

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