I don't like Pizza Barclays

Fraud operations department

Finally logged into Barclays Internet banking service once I’ve found my membership number. The fact that you need a membership number (&Surname) is very stupid Barclays.

So I found several transactions I didn’t recognise.

For example a “CRISPIN BENDING LE” from 9/9 (Tuesday) is something I have no clue about.

But later transactions from DOMINO‘S PIZZA (24.27GBP) and PERFECT PIZZA (18.88GBP) alarm me. Why? I don’t like pizza!

So did I mention Barclays Online Banking statement view is crap? It doesn’t tell me the:
* Details of the company (company number? cashier name?)
* Details of the business transaction (what I bought)
* Where the transaction happened
* When exactly the transaction happened
* If I used Chip&Pin or the order was made over the Internet/Phone without Chip&Pin aka “cardholder not present”
* A way to flag a suspicious transaction online

Emailing Barclays is weird. They want all your details filled out in a form. Ummm, I’m logged in and identified, why do I have to do this? In the past, I’ve sent about three emails / online feedback/complain forms to Barclays and received one very odd reply. I don’t see why Barclays doesn’t do some sort of “secure mail” service like I’ve seen several other banks do.

Anyway, I have to call them up on 08457555555. I have a couple of tricks:
* Don’t call on my mobile because it’s costs a small fortune
* I use Skype which is cheaper
* I key in ’**’ once authenticated on their telephone system to get to an operator ASAP.

Now I ask for more information about the transactions. After being on a hold for a few minutes I get extra information about these suspect pizza transactions. First place was a very excellent leather belt I bought at Camden Lock on the 6/9 (not 9/9) and the pizza places was one place I’ve never heard of and another in Leatherhead (never been to).

The operator then says he’ll cancel my card and send out a new one in 7–10 working days. Thank god I have a second current account for such situations. This card I have is only two weeks old and again incredulously the first transaction happened probably before I even received the new card.

The Barclays operative will also send out some fraud forms to fill in and I should get the money back within two weeks after returning the forms. What a crap process. I am getting a little tired of this. Can I have a Visa Chip&Pin card without those ridiculously insecure numbers imprinted on the card? Please? And generate one off (OTP) Visa numbers for Internet transactions?

17 minutes into the call, I got cut off as I only had 1.50GBP of credit on Skype. I hoped Barclays would call me on my mobile phone they have on record, though I think everything was done. Be good if Barclays was pro-active and had the slightest clue about security.

The operator mid-way in the call had the cheek to ask me if I had any cardholder insurance!? No Barclays this very much your fuck up. You and your partners VISA charge almost 2% for every card transaction so work-it-out you incompetent fools.

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