Linux computing on your arm

Using 3G

I played with a friend’s Atom based EEEPC yesterday. The EEEPC is an amazing achievement considering it’s comparable to the Thinkpad X61, yet it’s a fifth of the price in the UK.

I like the idea of carrying an EEEPC as I’m a bit nervous about losing my $$$ Thinkpad when I am out and about. If it just runs a kiosk like browser, with a HSPDA 3G modem, it would be very handy. I wouldn’t sob as much if it got stolen.

In other news: I upgraded my beloved slug to lenny which I use as a NAS at home, only to get bitten by a serious NFS permission issue in Debian. Urgh.

Update: Thinkpad lovers rejoice. Lenovo has released the EEEPC rival SL300, which seems like half the price of the X61.


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