Cancelling my Three contract

3 Fair usage

So 18 months of my Three contract is almost up. In order to cancel, I must call exactly 1 month before the contract expires(10/11/2008), else it automatically renews(!). Reasons why:

So on the 10th of October I must ring up and ensure I get the:

So far the most attractive offer for a ‘SIM only’ rolling contract (one month cancellation) is from Vodafone. Some minutes&texts with 1G fair usage data for 22.50GBP a month. I must double check that. Anyway there is still a bit of time between now and November. I hope my Nokia E65 will last that long. I want to ideally buy an unlocked Android phone and failing that… an Iphone 3G. Nooo… I’d rather keep using my Symbian Nokia E65 out of principle!

I could get an EEEPC & a HSPDA dongle and use that. It’s basically that open platform everyone wants, except Skype (can it do SMS?) is proprietary & it doesn’t fit in your pocket. =)

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