Web versus Android


With the help of a colleague, I compiled a list of the top 50 android applications and roughly which API they required to function.

The Web application specification (offline file access) with device APIs can do what these Android applications can do. Otherwise I do not see any compelling grounds for ‘innovation’ that the Androids Java SDK could provide over the Web… Most of the Android entries look pretty lame and unexciting to me.

Sadly rumour has it that Gears won’t be on the first versions of Android. Well it isn’t that surprisingly as I was practically begging for Gears on Android four months ago.

Sidenote: I am also concerned when operators will start to do Internet data “freely” on their PAYG plans, to facilitate the Web on mobiles. I’m following developments on SMStextNews in the UK… and its disheartening. Maybe data on mobile will be ubiquitous in the UK in 5 years? Rest of the World… who knows?


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