Nokia as a mobile hardware company

its what computers have become

I’m disappointed to hear Nokia aiming to re-invent itself as an Internet company.

Yes, Nokia re-invented itself before from rubber boots. And yes shifting boxes like what Dell does is kinda boring (and not very profitable). However I still think the mobile hardware industry has a long way to go before reaching the sort of unsexy stage the commodity PC market is in.

Right now I think Nokia should restructure. Nokia has something like 100000 (~65000 in Finland last I heard) employees and its the kind of company that would not miss a tenth of those employees. Nokia needs to concentrate on paying talent more money for a start.

Nokia staff play with a N810

Innovate in the mobile hardware space Nokia. I think there is much more to be done here and I really think they could take on the Iphone with their excellent maemo developer platform (urm, with a GSM chip would be nice).

I don’t think they should necessarily do software or a browser, let alone get into the Web “Internet company” game. Any Nokia Web service I’ve seen has been god awful. They have a legacy of crap Web applications that I don’t see how Nokia can get a fresh start on the Web. is supposed to be one of the most popular mobile Web sites, receiving billions of hits. Have you ever visited this site? It's absolutely embarrassing. I assume the reason why anyone visits it, is that it's the default homepage on the devices they sell.

Recently we’ve seen Nokia getting into the ad business and into retail and spreading itself even more. Cut the fat and focus on hardware and commit to an open software platform like maemo please Nokia.


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