New Wordpress maintainer

Drawing domestic bliss

Since my DAM rejection earlier this year I’ve been trying to cut down on Debian work. Unsurprisingly (and perhaps surprisingly to some) I fealt a bit emotionally drained and demotivated from defending myself and working with debian security.

Lately I have been working with new maintainer Andrea De Iacovo and I am very pleased with his work on Wordpress. Wordpress takes most of my time, like the beautiful day of Saturday yesterday. :)

Unfortunately Andrea has had problems finding a sponsor, though a Wordpress security release expedited matters and got Nico Golde’s upload powers into action. :) So if you’re a DD and you use Wordpress, please help out Andrea.

Before I get unsubscribed from Debian Planet, I thought I should pimp my:

Both based on ikiwiki. ;)

Anyway, I am still around of course. Met some great people in the Debian community and sadly some pretty pedantic unfriendly ones too. Final suggestion for DDs: Revoke your GPG keys more often and go to less key signing parties. :P

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