Chip & Pin rant


I am in a foul mood as I left my card in my pin sentry device and hence had to survive without any money today. Fantastic tiny marvels of technology aren’t they?

Sidenote: Why the HELL does Barclays require the last five digits of my card? They already have my membership number. Are they trying to prevent a brute force attack?

Why not make a physical token robust and small enough to fit on my existing key ring?

Most ATMs in the UK still use the barcode strip, so umm… where is the security benefit of the chip?

The new generation of chip & pin cards (just had my nationwide card replaced with no warning) might be more secure, but why… WHY do they require my signature on them?

And my name, card number, expiry date, sort code and account number. A name, sort code, account number and phony signature is a enough to start ripping money out my bank account with direct debit. It’s even easier if you copy down my card number, expiry data and daft CVV numbers. So all the usual risks are still present.

If you really care about security, get rid of that insecure legacy crap on your new cards.

One step forward and two steps back. To all those security experts employed by banks who make my life more difficult, fuck you.

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