Iphone SDK doubts

OMG, the Iphone SDK has been with us a couple of months. Aren’t you blown away by those killer applications?

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Yeah, what killer applications! Update: A friend kindly informed me no iphone applications will be on general release until version 2.0 of the Iphone is released. Currently we’re on 1.4. So that’s why. :)

The most amazing thing I’ve seen is video playback with iplayer which is… a Web application.

I see a number of problems with Iphone’s developer environment:

Ok, you could painfully install a proper GNU toolchain. But seriously. It’s so much easier on other devices like maemo, I just can’t be bothered. If then, I amazingly write an innovative native C application I (assume I) can only deliver it with Installer.app on an unlocked Iphone. That’s so not great.

I really don’t see the “native” Apple Iphone platform working for 3rd party developers. The Web application platform, yes, though not this…

I’m left wondering why Apple don’t instead expose device APIs.


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