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The autonomy of a disaster. My camera slipped through my gloves on a cold day in Washington DC. The “Lifestyle Services Group” provides “gadget cover” if you have the account extra “Barclays First Additions” (6.50GBP extra a month).

Dropped my camera

  1. 24/2 Dropped my camera in Washington DC
  2. 25/2 Called LSG to report the incident
  3. 26/2 Form arrives from LSG that needs my signature and payment details for the 25GBP excess
  4. 27/2 Form sent
  5. 29/2 Called LSG for an update
  6. 5/3 Called again as I need a camera for travelling on the 13/3. Since they seem to be taking so long I order the the same camera from Amazon as a replacement. Of course I tell LSG I am buying a replacement beforehand, but they don’t want to hear of it.
  7. 5/3 I notice that 25GBP is taken from my account. Maybe something is happening?
  8. 5/3 When I get home from work I notice a letter (dated 3/3) with an address I should send my broken IXUS 950IS to
  9. 6/3 Posted camera according to instructions. Registered and priority…
  10. 7/3 Called to confirm they have the broken camera
  11. 11/3 replacement camera arrives
  12. 11/3 Called LSG, couldn’t get through :(
  13. 11/3 Come home to find a claim for like that from #3. WTF?
  14. 11/3 get a call at 5pm offering a cash settlement of what I paid for the camera in the first place.

So 17 days later, 25GBP excess + call costs + postage&packaging, several phone calls, some running around and a lot of trauma I get an Insurance claim through. Wow, a victory for the small guy.

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