Flying nowadays

Plane crash!

My plane in Chicago was damaged by a badly driven jetty. This silly incident required several fire engines, police and I think an ambulance. Not to mention the hour longer I had to stay on the plane and the further hours of delay getting out the luggage. “Security reasons” my ass.

There is little or no security regarding stow luggage. Firstly nowadays luggage must be unlocked for inspection. Good bye privacy. Secondly what is to stop an ambitious criminal from picking up your bag and walking out Arrivals? Very little!

Why do they have to explain the boring emergency procedures to me? Most of them are irrelevant. This could be a myth, but I heard that there has never been a successful landing on water of a Boeing plane.

Furthermore, as I paid 100USD (it’s more leg room and a lot cheaper than business class) for a fecking upgrade to sit on the emergency row in Economy. I couldn’t help but wonder wtf would happen if I opened the door. Yes the door is armed during the flight in order to burst open in an emergency. Unfortunately after discussing this attack angle with air steward opposite me, he said it could not be opened at higher cruising altitudes (15000 feet). He did concede it could be opened at lower altitudes(!). He said one of his responsibilities is to watch the doors and he jokingly said he could close a door that has been opened. Interesting.

I wish they would design planes with:


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