The light box

The 7 million pound Light Box

The light box is gives a good first impression from the outside. Though I after visiting it inside last Sunday I was left unimpressed. It lacks vision.

Ok, quit moaning. Want do I want to see? I was expecting to see an art space like The Cable Factory. A place where artists can have some cheap space and where the public can freely browse their creativity.

I was also expecting a theatre chamber. A place to comfortably debate or give little informal productions. A community space for people to interact with each other, meet, to discuss and learn. Perhaps the rooms I didn’t see that provide that…

Perhaps a games room, for board games and chess. Or better still, for LAN tournaments. BUNCS style! :) You can learn a lot by playing computer games.

I also would love to see some sort of “hack lab”. Where people can just come in with their laptops and work on something. The Light Box doesn’t have to supply computer or laptops, though it would be nice. People could give little late night workshops on Web design or how to make a video for Youtube. :)

Just a few comfortable seats, easy access to some (Korean Nong-Shim) pot noodles and fast internet. For example, a venue for LUG meetings.

Invest in the knowledge economy. We just need a place with security and fast Internet.

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