Ride to Work scheme

Cycle ambulance at Critical Mass

Since the weather in Woking sucks today, I went out to buy some waterproof trousers to go over my jeans. 50GBP! That’s the nylon ones, not fancy pantsy GORE TEX.

So there is a ‘Green’ ‘Environmentally friendly’ scheme run by the UK government called Ride2Work, to help people get on their push bikes. When I asked Evans bike shop employees about the scheme, they said that the government scheme is so complicated Evans themselves have not managed to roll it out for their own employees.

More stupid government bureaucracy? I must write a letter to my MP.

In other news, I was accidentally hanging around on the last Friday of the month outside the National Theatre (ugly building) and I noticed a lot of police. It turns it out it was Critical Mass London. I must join next time…


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