NHS registration

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I’ve been proud of the NHS, especially since seeing the movie sicko. Though recently I’ve had some troubling experiences.

First a friend of mine had trouble seeing a doctor. She had to wait several hours to see one in London and has had registration issues.

Now I’ve never had problems seeing a doctor in Cornwall. Though since I’ve moved to Woking, I’ve noticed the rules have changed.

  1. I develop chest infection and I need some antibiotics to go over this
  2. Call up NHS helpline, they say I must go to the “walk in” community hospital
  3. I find time to go to the “walk in” community hospital. After an hour wait, I see a nurse who is able to prescribe the antibiotics. She then says I should see my local doctor
  4. I leave work early one day to go to the local surgery to register
  5. Receptionist says I must make an appointment to see the doctor and besides I now must have my passport and a utility bill in my name with my new address in Woking
  6. I don’t pay any utility bills (lucky me), though she said she’ll accept a bank statement which I had sent out especially for this (I usually look at my statement online)
  7. I attend the new appointment a few days later after
  8. Wait 30 minutes and then see the doctor
  9. Doctor asks if I have been registered in the UK before (yes). He then says he’ll accept me as a patient and then he asks me to fill in some forms.
  10. He says he can’t treat me until I’ve filled in the forms and registered. Registration takes about three working days.
  11. I fill in the forms. Why do have to say what race and religion I have?
  12. Made another appointment next week, by then I’ve hopefully been registered.

These events have happened over 3 weeks now. Nevermind the work hours I’ve lost. And still I have not properly seen a doctor.

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