Blog action day: Environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I commuted in the rain. My commute is by push bike from Woking to Guildford and back. About 15 miles a day. It’s OK when it doesn’t rain. Today it poured.

I am soaked. My jeans are soaked. My drillium jacket didn’t keep my dry, I’m returning it. :(

I hate how the water seems to collect in the bike paths (leftside of the road, there are no ‘real’ bikepaths on my route). So you can’t see the drain holes, so it can be dangerous.

Need to buy some polyester trouser waterproofs for 50GBP. Nicer GORE TEX ones cost 110GBP from Evans. Damn, riding is expensive. I wonder how to keep my glasses free from the rain. Probably need to buy a cap.

I like to think I do my bit for the environment by not having a car. Though I am thinking I really need to buy a car. Despite cars being the most environmentally damaging element out there. Not plastic bags.

Taking the right action is hard. Getting in a fuss over recycling and donating money to charity or other cons like “carbon offset” schemes is stupid and all too easy.


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