iPhone Web apps


I’ve noticed that Apple itself seems to be promoting Web applications with a little directory.

I’ve mentioned before, that I think Apple “locking” users into a decent open Web application platform is quite good.

After all the version (Webkit UA string collection) of Safari on my ipod touch is the same as the one on my Macbook Pro. So the myth that the ‘mobile browser will always be years behind the desktop’ has exploded.

However I have concerns:
* “Ipod touch” is not an iPhone. So the ‘iphone.’ prefix to sites strikes me as a bit silly for my ‘iPod touch’
* I want to see instead examples of sites that work well in iPhone without “templating”. They do exist!
* At least iPhone Web developers don’t seem to UA/browser sniff, mobile Web/WURFL style. So desktop users can now view these “mobile” Web apps, without some braindead XHTML format error.

Sidenote: Do not use XHTML

Update: I submitted my Web application to Apple. However Apple wanted a screenshot of the Web application, running on an iPhone. Er… how the hell do you that? I started a thread on the iphone dev list and a Jake got back to me (with the screenshot): “I use snap, part of Erica’s utilities on my jailbreaked iPhone.”

So we had to crack the Apple device, to submit the application to Apple. Hmmm !


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