Highly mobile

An antler !

In the past couple of weeks I’ve:

Really interesting projects at work. I helped put together a position paper for an OpenAJAX/W3C meeting. It was accepted and now I’m off to San Francisco for the first time for the last week of September! It’ll be my first time in North America on my travels.

Btw my employers are hiring!

As for Debian work. I am still struggling to a get a stable security update of wordpress in. :/
I made an update to flup, which will hopefully be one of the last. Please consider moving your Web application to modwsgi.

I was surprised to see Webconverger in the Linux Format magazine #97, which is great news. There should be big announcements soon concerning Webconverger. Busy, busy, busy! :)


If you like this, you might like the stateless Web kiosk software I develop. Webconverger typically replaces Windows on PCs and is deployed in public and business environments for ease of deployment and privacy. Once installed it auto-updates making it painless to maintain. Try it where you exclusively use the only viable open platform... the Web!