Hutchison 3G hacks

My phone bill

I have a couple of tips for Hutchison Three X-series users to share.

Call customer services on 333 and ask that they:
* Disable voice mail – it costs and it’s useless (and annoying) by my standards
* Disable directory enquiries and any other “premium number”

Premium numbers include 0845 (lo-call numbers!). I accidentally called their directory enquiries number and was charged 1.915 GBP ex-VAT!

I did try Three’s customer services about this miss-dial issue and they were very unhelpful. :(

So what do you do when you want to call an 0845 number, once you’ve disabled them? I recommend activating Truphone on your handset for such calls.

Since I now have a Macbook I hoped to use my Nokia E65 as a modem and take advantage of my unlimited internet plan as I currently hardly use it. To my disappointment, I discovered it doesn’t work unless you buy an 10GBP a month upgrade.

I think this is ridiculous as I assumed I could use my E65 as a modem with a laptop when I first purchased it. 10GBP extra a month to some might sound worth it, but I already have broadband at home and work. I am not switching to high latency 25kB/sec (optimal) 3G wireless!! Who would?!

And where would I be using 3G data with my laptop? On infrequent train journeys in the UK where 3G connections can be described as patchy at best.

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