Sharing multimedia

Every home should have a WRT54G-L

Ok, I have the slug. It’s great because it allows me to easily & reliably share my multimedia collection.

So I’ve moved my multimedia collection to a massive hard drive attached to the slug and now that hard drive is full. I could buy an even bigger NAS, though wait a minute…

I have GIGs of (wasted) free space across my (flat mate’s) machines.

Wtf happened to P2P? I need something like what Google has.
* A distributed file system.
* With search.
* It doesn’t have to work across on the Internet, though listening to some remote friend’s music would be nice.
* Any level of data redundancy would be awesome. (I despise RAID)
* I want direct access from the FS. No odd interfaces. (something with fuse?)

I distantly recall mounting NFS shares of each of my (friend’s) machines and then mounting them on the central slug and trying to re-share them. I don’t think that works.

I remember in University dorms (I’m not telling where!), students had a massive multimedia share with Windows file sharing. It actually worked quite well, including search.

Any tips lazyweb? Or are centralised services really the future?

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