Rant about buying bread in Cornwall

So I am in Cornwall and I want to go out and get a fresh Granary bread loaf.

Parents in a huff spending half an hour with our car insurance.
# Finding the right insurance documents
# Working out the right number
# Waiting on hold
# Finding my Dad so he can answer the “security questions”
# Asking nicely if their son can be put temporarily on the policy
# Optional: Threatening to leave the insurers for ridiculous quote for one week’s insurance of an additional 29 year old driver.
# Get the go ahead from the insurers

After watching Sicko, my private insurance hate has been re-energised.

Now I can go down to the local town’s shops. Actually no, one can’t get parking in the local town conveniently. I have to drive to a nearby industrial estate where the bakery has a branch. Lovely.

Update: The baker tells me wheat prices are up 100GBP on a ton. That means about a 5 pence rise on all baked products. Granary loaf was 135p, now 140p.

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