Digital Signage that does not crash

How many times have we seen something like:

Digital signage done wrong

Far too many times! I believe Windows isn’t stable enough for Digital Signage.

Enter the Webcfullscreen mode option:

Webconverger Fullscreen

Ok, this photo slideshow example is done with Adobe Flash, however I think Flash is a suitable option and it can perhaps behave better if the connection goes down temporarily (the offline problem). Could try complex betaware like Google gears

Or customers might want a proxy feature (squid), which can be customised, so that if the Internet drops, the Digital sign could still work.

Another avenue is to host user’s Web pages on a local Web server. I am not keen on this as local data would be against Webc’s design.

If any of you have your own Digital Signage ‘solutions’ you would like to share, please do. Webconverger is a Free software project based on Debian.

In other news Webconverger has an entry over at distrowatch. Excellent news and thanks for all your support.


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