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Free beer

Last Friday I gave a ‘lightning’ talk at a minibar event. I tempted fate by demoing the LiveCD and USB boot versions of Webconverger.

I think some people now actually understand what Webconverger is! Frustratingly I can’t seem to explain in words what Webconverger is. Though demoing Webconverger can be difficult as I usually only carry the USB version with me, which doesn’t work very well on crap machines and machines without a wired DHCP network. Anyway it went well and it was great to receive some positive feedback about Webconverger.

At minibar Hannah gave out Free beer (free as in cost and free as in Freedom). I think it is a fantastic beer with that hint of Guarana at first and the lasting good taste of knowing it comes from Cornwall. Also my quiz team came second place in the first Minibar pub quiz. Awesome! The prize was a USB key in the shape of a banana. I’ll probably backup some important data to it and hide it in a fruit bowl. ;)

Thanks Christian and Hannah for organising minibar. Incidentally I just “guest blogged” for the first time on the Open Business blog about some lessons learnt about running a business.

Open business is the future. :)

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