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Trip involved a lot of waiting. I arrived too early at London City Airport. It was really easy to get to from Tower Hamlets, so there are some advantages living in East London. Since I am of Scottish ancestry and it is the first time I am in Scotland, I was almost hoping for some welcoming party. Sadly, nothing of the sort and I ended up waiting at Edinburgh Airport for another DD, however his plane was late. Thankfully I discovered the multi-denominational “Prayer room”.

After visiting some amazing mosques on my travels, I know it is quite permissible to go in a Islamic mosque and take a little nap, which I did. I wish they made Christian churches a little more comfortable in that respect. Laying down on the floor of a typical Western church and admiring the architecture would probably be bad for one’s health.

Ok, I’ve started tagging debconf7 on my flickr uploads during my time here. I wonder if Aigars will do the same. ;)

Edinburgh reminds me a little like Calcutta, with the soot stained buildings. Teviot house where the debcampers are is a great building. Up the road near a mosque was a cheap Indian eatery. I had a great chicken curry, nan and pakora. Fantastic.

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