Too old for social networking?

Birthday greetings

A year older and a year wiser hopefully. Or another year where I just don’t get ‘social networking’ sites?

I’ve seen Friendster and Orkut come and go. All these silly invites I keep receiving for LinkedIn, FaceBook, whatever-reunited and WAYN. It reminds me of some pyramid scheme.

Then at startup events which I sometimes attend, ‘social networking’ is like the hottest buzz word since the Mobile Web™. In fact “mobile web social networking” (with AJAX) is probably the next Web 3.0. puke I’ve also heard people defend it, by calling it “community management”. Ah, does that make it better? No.

Here are my issues with social networking:

Ok, I’ll finish by trying to be constructive. If these things were using standards (XFN, microformats?) and had more user control, then I would be happier. These proprietary islands of “social connectivity” feel wrong.


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