Mobile Web

For me there is people who believe in the device independent Web and those who believe in the device dependent Web.

Mobile Web, .mobi, that’s all “device dependent” as people think they need to target Web pages for the mobile.

I’ve long argued for the “device independent” Web. For example on my Nokia E65, I browse BBC‘s mobile site and BBC‘s normal news page.

I can view either with Nokia’s excellent Webkit based Web browser, though the mobile site is quicker as it is faster to download. However the ‘BBC normal page’ is often far more up to date! Having a ‘device dependent’ Web will create redundancy. Solution: make the BBC News page a little leaner please and just do away with the “Mobile Web site”.

Then there is some people who think you either get:
# Standards geeks who write boring Web sites
# Or people who write for the best possible user experience on the mobile

The 2nd group argues are that most peoples’ Web browsers suck and/or their network sucks. A lot of modern Web browsers do suck. Also network connections in London aren’t fantastic. :/

Though there is the very real future of capable mobile browsers (Nokia’s Web/Opera Mobile) and fast networks (go to Korea or Japan).

People who care about the “user experience” are not in my good books. They are often making dead applications for big companies (e.g. Sony, BMW, FTSE100) who do not need to have to build a page rank. These ‘one off’ applications with great user experiences have no future.

The ‘standards geeks’ who write device independent minimal Web pages will create the most useful sites. Web applications that quickly discern useful information is what I like to call a great “user experience”. No flash device dependent dead crap thank you.

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