Web operating systems

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I’ve been struggling for a tagline for Webconverger.

The previous tagline “Webconverger is a free, up-to-date Web browser kiosk live system”, was a bit of a mouth full. Now, I’ve decided that a “Web operating system” best describes Webconverger. Webconverger isn’t just a “kiosk”...

The reason why I didn’t call Webconverger a Web operating system initially, was because I didn’t want to confuse anyone.

Hannux on Cyworld with HY roundgothic

You see I’ve read blogs which talk about Web desktops or rather Web applications that emulate desktops, “operating systems”. I think for such Web applications, I’ll call them Web desktops, to be called an operating system is just abuse.

Calling Web desktops “operating systems” tarnishes the good name of operating systems, when silly Web applications emulate broken dead WIMP win32 environments. I can’t be the only one that hates Windows. I’m not talking about Microsoft Windows. I am talking about overlapping Windows windows. :)

So I have a little fight on my hands with Wikipedia and the entry on Web operating systems. Hopefully someone agrees with me that Webconverger is a Web OS.

Sidenote: I’m in the process of releasing the Debian-live etch based Webconverger 2.15 (download) which features a new textless progress bar and reset feature.


If you like this, you might like the stateless Web kiosk software I develop. Webconverger typically replaces Windows on PCs and is deployed in public and business environments for ease of deployment and privacy. Once installed it auto-updates making it painless to maintain. Try it where you exclusively use the only viable open platform... the Web!