TV is unsurprisingly bad

For the first time in years I’ve watched a bit of TV. I blame the earlier lack of Internet I unfortunately experienced.

It’s so bad, isn’t it?

Like today I am amazed how the BBC have flogged the “Have I got news for you” show. It was on yesterday Friday night and they repeated again today on Saturday night.

They must be really out of ideas if they have to repeat that old show (33rd series) on two prime time night slots.

No wonder things like Youtube are popular. Just the quality is a bit disappointing. How come things have to get worse before they get better?

Mobile TV I recall in Korea was big. Though high speed net worked on the tube and it doesn’t work at all in the London underground. Korea had some whacky channels, that even I found somewhat interesting. I actually didn’t mind watching a few snippets of a Starcraft game or some crazy Asian show I didn’t understand.

As for user generated content and what not. I would like to make better video. Though the video my Nokia E65 “generates” is worse than crap. And unfortunately I’m not a Mac fanboy and I have not shelled out a thousand pounds for final cut pro software. Free software video tools aren’t quite there yet… :/

I also found those OnDigital setup boxes in my ‘house share’ really terribly slow. What a horrible experience flicking through the zillions of crap channels.

I like something really different and/or quality and I am not getting either from TV in the UK.

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