Rented Internet

Whilst looking at several rooms via the Gum tree, I observed Internet access at rented accommodations is a requirement like hot water and electricity.

This Internet thing is pretty big!

Now the problem I have is that in my chosen rented accommodation we have a D-link DSL-G604T where the previous lodger failed to record the admin password.

I could reset the D-link, though I don’t know the username/password for the ISP. In fact, I don’t even know WTF is the ISP or who actually maintains the fixed line.

One of my housemates told me that he recalls that the guy who set the Internet up said it would cut out on the 4th of May. Oh dear.

Now I’ve discovered that the Wireless router is setup as an open wlan where several people use it around here. It’s slow and it’s sometimes down altogether… very frustrating. The ISP judging by the IPs is ntl which is now part of Virgin. As for the telephone number. I found a phone and called my mobile.

The D-link hardware sucks. For some reason it doesn’t cache DNS right, so resolving DNS to it is a bad idea. It took me ages to find out the Virgin DNS server addresses. I am not even sure, they’re the right ones, though thankfully my DNS queries are now being resolved!

As you can imagine I think in the next couple of days I am going to:

  1. Switch hardware
  2. Switch ISPs

Not easy. To avoid setup fees, you have to get a 12month contract. It could be worse, in Australia you have no option, you must get a minimum 12 month contract, which is really an impossible contract for a geeky backpacker to fulfil.

Update: Despite the former house mate claiming that the Virgin contract ends on 4th of May, Virgin have put a cease on my new line until the 14th of May. Only until then Eclipse can try get my Internet working. No internet for two weeks. Thanks Virgin.

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