200GBP red fiat looking like new

When buying insurance, my advice is to go:

  1. local
  2. reputable
  3. mutual

At least 2 of 3 is required.

There are many “money insurance comparison sites” on the Web and most of them IMHO are cons. Their Web forms are usually very bad, terms unclear and customer service is somewhere between terrible and non-existent.

For example my sister bought insurance off the net. After they took her money, they ask for “proof” of a no claims bonus. She couldn’t provide satisfactory proof as she has been on my parent’s policy. The insurance quote then doubled and of course it wasn’t the cheapest quote by far. Then when she wanted to cancel the insurance she has to now pay 20+ cancellation fees and they’ve already taken at least 30GBP at her account. These “insurers” are criminals.

After kicking up a fuss, we did get the money back from this Internet insurance and now we’re insured with several extras like breakdown, windscreen at a local Cornish insurer.


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