Web kiosk competition

rpath's kiosk 0.4 (installable)

I received some Webconverger feedback today, saying this guy tried:

Though he found Webconverger “what he was looking for”. Relief. :) Though I was initially surprised at how much competition there is in this space! Sadly BoothCD and KioskCD seem very out of date. Thinstation seems to be targeting a different audience altogether and I haven’t given it a try.

There is also a review of Kiosk distributions that Webconverger unfortunately escaped from. There the winner was LiveKiosk aka EzWebPC, which features in the Webconverger comparison matrix.

I think EzWebPC has come from Morphix LiveKiosk, which came from Jure‘s work on LiveCD. Anyway I did mail Livekiosk/EzWebPC asking them for the source and they didn’t reply. Hence I started Webconverger. I knew I could make something better out of Debian Live and 2 months down the road… Webconverger is much better.

A highly requested feature for Webconverger is a hard drive install option and I was shocked to see another new kiosk project called Kiosk appliance (screen shot above) with such a feature. Oh damn! :) Though I did test “Kiosk appliance” out and though it seems to install to a hard drive via a RH thing… the distribution is very immature and it actually didn’t manage to connect to the internet for me. I think it might be because of the Tor stuff. I am not sure. Webconverger will have a much better hard drive install than that. :)

2.0.10 trials cups

Today the 2.0.10 ”print support + bug fixes” download of Webconverger is out. See webconverger.org for the changelog, wiki and more.


If you like this, you might like the stateless Web kiosk software I develop. Webconverger typically replaces Windows on PCs and is deployed in public and business environments for ease of deployment and privacy. Once installed it auto-updates making it painless to maintain. Try it where you exclusively use the only viable open platform... the Web!