Webconverger 2.4

Korean Webconverger split 2.4

I’ve just released Webconverger (Web kiosk) USB&ISO versions built with stable Debian etch.

Webconverger has received some good feedback and press. I would like to thank Daniel Bauman for his rather excellent Debian Live work on which Webconverger is based.

I was hoping that Webconverger could support every locale, now it looks like I need to produce a separate ISO/IMG (or at least apt-get hooks) for every locale. One reason is that Iceweasel/Firefox extensions don’t scale very well. Try install every locale and dictionary extension. I dare you. :) Sidenote: I wonder why no one has packaged the dictionaries for Iceweasel.

In other news, I’ve been playing around with scim (keyboard switcher) and Korean locales. It seems to work though the title bar didn’t render hangul characters right in dwm. After some investigation I discovered there isn’t such a thing as a single “generic” Unicode font. This came as a shock to me. :)

Typical ttf only have 65536 glyphs, so no one font will do. Jeff Zhang also informed me about free Unicode fonts. Though I think especially in CJK environments proprietary fonts are unfortunately more common. Or I don’t know why microsoft-gulim isn’t in msttcorefonts.

Anyway the Korean version of Webconverger turned out OK, though I doubt any Koreans will be using it. It’s all sadly ActiveX out there.

My package wordpress 2.0.10 didn’t quite make it to etch in time as I was waiting for CVEs! 2.0.10 will be coming soon though…

It always amazes me how much work can get done in breaks like Easter. It’s great that etch is out. And whoa, the weather is great.


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