Pet food tins need an organic makeover


I’ve been looking after my family’s pet whippet and occassionally feeding him. I’ve come to notice how awful dog food tins are.

In particular Winalot from Purina stands out as being scarily bad. I just tried to complain to their Website and the Website asks me first to register. Ummm… no thanks!

Ok after a whois and learning that they are in fact the evil Nestle company I thought I’ll voice my concerns publicly on my blog.

Their dog food doesn’t smell a bit like the label claims. I’ve fell short of actually tasting it, though don’t you think a Tuna tin should smell “just a little” like Tuna? Every flavour alarmingly smells the same.

When reading the label, it seems though you get a minimum of just 4% meat! That’s pitifully small.

How awful! And with this “recycling craze” hitting Cornwall, I’m also supposed to wash out and clean these disgusting tins.

Update: Skippy finally managed to find some organic Easter rabbit.


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